What if there is a safe, easy and more accurate way to find out what your children’s natural talents, abilities and personality traits are?

And with that knowledge, you can guide the way you groom and parent your child with certainty?

Parent with Confidence & Certainty

Writing Is In Her Gene. My daughter is naturally talented in writing and the arts and the gene test has reaffirmed that. I will surely nurture and develop her according to her innate ability.” 

- Benson Kho, Director, Jarkata, Indonesia

The Test Has Helped Me Understand My Daughter Better. Now that I’m armed with this knowledge, I know how to enhance her activities accordingly and what to look out for in the future.” 

- Jamie Yeo, Gold 90.5FM Radio hostess, Singapore

Three common misconceptions of early childhood education:
how-to-save-more-on-child Early Childhood Enrichment Is Too Expensive

We’ll actually get larger savings in the long run with high-quality early childhood programmes as our children are more valuable in the job market, which enables them to earn more money over their lifetime!

how-to-save-more-on-child Early Childhood Learning Is Ineffective

Did you know that our children’s brains develop up to 85 percent of their full capacity by their fifth birthday? Those are five important years for us to give them experiences that they will benefit most from.

how-to-save-more-on-child Right-Brain Training Is Just A Myth

Right brain training is essential for children as it builds up their memory, focus, and information processing abilities! They can apply these abilities to all areas of learning – including sports and music too.

Find Out How You Can Plan Ahead And Save For Your Child’s Education!

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